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Cost of a granite worktop – what are you paying for?

Browsing the Internet to find a good, yet cheap granite worktop seems like an impossible task – every price is higher than the one you’ve seen previously and you don’t know exactly what you are paying for here – it’s just stone, right? How hard can it be to just cut that stone and install it in your house? If you’ve had the tools, you’d to it yourself, right?

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Wrong – working with granite is a very demanding, time-consuming job that requires years of stonemasonry experience and very specialized equipment to ensure the highest quality of a granite worktop you ordered. Furthermore, granite doesn’t just lie anywhere on the ground to be picked up and processed – finding a good source of this stone and retrieving proper, beautiful slabs is also a very difficult. But you’re not only paying for all that manual work and the manufacturing process is only the beginning. There is also an issue safe transportation of such worktop and difficult installation process.

BUT! When all that hard work is done, what you get is a worktop that will survive literally anything! Cut it, put a hot pot on it, cover it with moist and dirt, hit it with a hammer, bump it with heavy groceries, you can even set it on fire – nothing will destroy it if you remember to maintain it using basic chemicals once a year. You pay not only for the amount of work needed to manufacture your granite worktops. The cost doesn’t cover only the beauty of natural stone. The first and the most important thing that makes granite worktop expensive is the fact that it will last a lifetime –you pay for indestructability.



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