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Home development – Issues encountered during this process

Home developmentDeveloping or redesigning a house is never an easy task. On the contrary, it can be a very difficult, complex and distressing procedure. In order to carry out any extensive work, one needs to have a clear plan in mind, a direct goal; sense of achievement. Without these factors, developing your home will seem a far bigger struggle. But sometimes, even if you are determined, have done months (or years) of planning and you possess utmost passion for the project of your life, things can go upside down in an instant.

What negative & unexpected problems can arise?

The possibility of something going wrong is always looming. We can never be too sure what randomly crops up. The nature of home development is unpredictable and there are times when things don’t go as smoothly as we envisioned them to go.

But this article aims not to put a downer on the aspiring developers! Rather, it is our goal to let you know about the main issue which can arise during the process, so that you can expect it in the future, and be prepared. Perhaps, if you’ve got a checklist of concerns, put this into the list to hinder the unfortunate events:

Time wasting

  • If you’re doing the building/development yourself e.g. creating a house extension, then we’re sure that you’ll be eager to finish it off as son as possible. Although it’s often the case that the willpower and initial determination ends or runs out very quickly. But it’s vital to stay positive and keep going, getting it done ASAP. If, for example you’re doing an extension then be sure to get all the bricklaying out of the way, then you’ll save a lot of money because the heating won’t escape through the open fissures. Likewise you’re not exposing your entire house to burglary or any other unfortunate events e.g. rain damage. Be sure to stay focused and get it finished, or at least create the shell, take a break and complete then get on with the decorating. Otherwise a domino effect of unfortunate events could betide.
  • If your builders carry out your job then be sure they are constantly monitored, either by yourself, a family member, cameras etc. Builders can be a swift and reliable workforce, but when left alone they are prone to time wasting or inefficient work. Be sure to install a monitoring system, a checklist or request a daily report etc. It’ll boost their confidence, and certainly keep them under control.


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