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Induction cooking or gas stove – which is better?

We all know how a classic stove works – the flame (fueled by gas) heats up the cooking vessel of your choice and that’s basically it. But nowadays, the “induction cooking:” gains more and more attention and many new kitchens come equipped with an induction solution. How does it work?

In layman’s terms, it uses magnetic induction instead of a classic “heat by conduction” method. What it means exactly is the process in which the magnetic field of the cooking mechanism heats up the compatible pot using the said pot’s resistance to the magnet. It effect, the heat is produced only under the vessel, not around it like in a classic stove, which gives you an ability to heat the meal very quickly and it also means that even if you leave the induction device on, it doesn’t emit any heat unless you put the proper equipment on it, which is a very safe alternative to pen flame or electric stove. Most induction models also give you an opportunity to precisely set the temperature you wish to cook in.

It has its drawbacks of course – the most prominent is the fact that you need the aforementioned proper cooking equipment that can be heated by induction (for example – cast iron or stainless steel). In case you don’t want to replace all your old cooking vessels, induction plates are not for you. But if you’re looking for a new cooking solution and you won’t miss your old equipment, this is the best way to cook!

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