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Kitchen cabinets doors types

kitchen cabintesMade from solid wood

mostly beech, pine, oak, birch, cherry; the wood can be dyed in any colour, and then varnished or waxed. Wooden fronts are characterized by very high durability and natural appearance, we must remember that even the noblest natural material, such as wood, can change colour during continuous use. For example, pine darkens…

fronts that are made by laminated soft forming technology

(such plates can have another material replacing its edges, for example wooden slats or PVC) The post forming technology ( involves such plates usually have curved edges) is used more widely during the manufacturing process of kitchen worktops, laminated surfaces can have three different designs – matted, glossed or high- glossed.

From laminated wood

the advantage of this material is its low price and quite a large number of decors and varieties, as well as patterns and colours. But it isn’t a very durable material. In cases of high humidity e.g. when placed near the cabinet sinks, the entire cabinet may bulge out and the laminate may easily come off

From the veneered wood

veneered fronts are very popular amongst the British public. They can be varnished or waxed, and look a little different from the fronts of solid wood being usually a lot cheaper.

From the MDF board

which is a compressed under high pressure fibreboard, covered with foil, usually PVC. MDF can also be veneered, with a foil used to manufacture the wood which is available in an almost unlimited range of colours, the surface finishes can be matted, semi-matted or glossed; MDF is easy to shape – that’s why the doors from this material can be often shaped, or manufactured in a specific way, according to the customer. The fronts from MDF are recommended for kitchens with a modern design; MDF is characterized by durability, and does absorb moisture.

kitchen cabintesStainless steel   

Most commonly made of iron, chromium with the addition of small amounts of other particles, this combination of ingredients creates very light fronts, the cabinet doors can be made of thick or thin solid steel plates, for example glued to a chipboard. The steel fronts and cabinets are very highly recommended for modern interiors.

Glass (glass cases)

are made out ​​of frosted glass, transparent and stained glass; the fronts can be divided by special grids (the so-called rungs), the shelves within the glass cases should also be made of glass;

The combined fronts are a combination of the above mentioned materials, such as door frames (called stiles) – from either solid wood or chipboard/aluminium.



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