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Kitchen Cabinets – What’s the current style trend?

2019 is almost coming to an end, so it’s only fitting to determine which cabinet style dominated the British market this year! 

Read below to indulge in a thorough discussion regarding the most beloved kitchen cabinets style of 2019. kitchen cabinets

Thus far, this year been full of fashion surprises, especially in Britain, but in terms of interior design and change in trends, not much has progressed from last year. Indeed, we have had a brief resurgence of natural wood and glass elements, and a couple of unique ‘signature’ designs have entered the picture, but the mainstream purchases have remained pretty regular. 

I did some thorough research recently to prepare for this article, and to make genuine conclusions regarding the recent kitchen market, I phoned up ten kitchen cabinet showrooms in every corner of England, Scotland and Wales, and for research purposes, enquired about the most sold products of the year. It turned out that on average, 6/10 purchases involved the handless products. That’s right, the handless style kitchen cabinets are once again a winner in the eyes of the public! 

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The most favourable kitchen cabinet type of 2019: 

The Handless Style – Modernity = Simplicity

‘Sleek, unique, modern’. These are only some of the comments made regarding this type of cabinet door. If we learned anything from last year, was that these handless models were elected by the public due to one primary reason: they were simple, or rather, had a simple appearance.

Simplicity nowadays is heavily associated with modernity, whereas complexity with overclustering. Customers fond of the contemporary style appreciate less than more, even if less means getting rid of a dozen handles . . . yes, it seems trivial, but it makes sense. After all, why do people integrate their hobs within the work surfaces, or implement hydraulic sinks that raise and lower from the surface at a push of a button? It seems we long for symmetrical, simple and straightforward designs. 

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The good aspect is, this simplicity was not substituted for functionality. These types of cabinets only gained the recesses, and eliminated the handles – beyond that not much has changed. They open, close slide in or out just the same, and the cavities elegantly hide underneath the overhang of quartz worktops. I made sure to visit one of my friends (who possesses these cabinets) to feel the drag, and comprehend whether they are easy to grab and open, and found not one issue! 

I think that’s precisely why this style has remained so timeless, and constantly in demand. It attracts the eyes, and its basic/modest design appeals to a wide demographic. That’s right, according to my findings I learned it wasn’t just young people opting for these, but also the middle-aged and even the elders! 

Handless kitchen cabinets – Inexpensive and good value for money?

Why, of course! The style of these cabinets is still fresh, but many who have had them for the last year, two or three claim they are very reliable. You would think that the recesses could break, chip or collect dirt – but that’s certainly not the case. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who possess these products, and they couldn’t be more satisfied. In fact, they claim all of the misconceptions and speculations about this style of craft are wrong. Even the dirt collection – the cavities are so well hidden under the 3cm (standard) worktop overhang, that rarely anything manages to fall down them. The only concern I heard being mentioned is the liquid collection. Apparently, when something drips off the worktops, the liquid may collect in these recesses, but let’s be honest, this is rare and even then, it’s quick to clean up.

If anything, I see this as an extra functionality feature! The liquid does not trickle down the cabinets, or pool on the floor – no, the pockets collect the liquid for you, enabling an even easier clean up! 

In short, of course these cabinet styles are worth every penny, but the key is to purchase them from a reliable supplier, whose products do not fail. Yes, they may be a tad more expensive than something budget you would buy in an unknown store, or online, but at least you know the quality you are purchasing. 

How much and where to buy? 

The price for your handless kitchen cabinets will vary, depending on the size of your kitchen and any special demands and stylistic choices e.g. opting for gloss or matte surface finish. 

To browse potential prices for the handless units, feel free to browse WREN – they have a wide collection of styles, ranges and multitude of prices. Their consultants and sales service is also very helpful – they will be able to provide you a quotation very quickly, based on all your demands and expectations. The good thing to note is that ever since the introduction of these handless styles into the mainstream, they’ve been going down in price ever since, so if you were put off by the costs last year, be sure to get a few updated quotes soon. 

I highly recommend an article we posted last year: Quartz Worktops – Modern trends it regards the most trendy quartz worktops of 2017/18. It talks about the recent worktop trends that you could purchase to go along with your handless kitchen cabinets.

We will be posting an updated version of this year’s worktop trends shortly, so stay tuned!




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