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Renovating your kitchen cabinets – practical tips

Recently, it has become very fashionable to self-renew the furniture, which avoids the unnecessary costs and spending money on new equipment. It is worth to know some means by which the kitchen cabinets will gain a completely new design, and a brand new look.

kitchen cabinets with style
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The first thing you should do is look more closely at the furniture and repair all caused them damage during use. Therefore, you may have to replace the guides in drawers and hinges, which are attached to all the fronts. If your kitchen cabinets have some holes, we fill them in using a special palette knife. You can also use this to smooth out the surface of the furniture, which will get rid of any kind of scratches. Next, you should proceed to complete the change of the appearance of the fronts.

The doors can be taped with a coloured, or to add a better and a more professional effect, they can be painted and polished. This second option is definitely better, especially if the kitchen is maintained in a rustic Provencal style. To cover the kitchen cabinets  with a fresh coat of paint you must first get rid of the old coating, sand polish them, paint them with a primer and at the end varnish or paint the cabinets in your chosen colour. Instead, we can change the inner look of kitchen cabinets. The easiest way to achieve this is by fitting shelves and baskets inside. A good idea is also to light them up a little. All you need to do is to equip your kitchen cabinets with LED lights.

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