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Tips to choose exterior wall cladding in colors

The latest designs of single-family houses also play with the element of color arrangement of the facade. Color and original style are nowadays not only about paint. Today, all kinds of exterior wall cladding are becoming more and more popular – from those made of wood, or imitating wood, to the modern implementation of tin facade. What colors will be the trend in 2021?

What wall cladding color to choose?

The answer to the question of what color to choose for the facade of the house is not easy, because when choosing the color of the exterior facade should take into account a number of factors – match it to the color of the roof tiles, window frames, terrace, landscape and your own tastes. One thing is certain, however, fashionable house facade colors cannot be boring. The current trends are dominated by facades 2 colorful, contrasting combinations and unobvious colors such as navy blue or green.

Modern wall cladding colors

Bright colors, such as white, beige, sand, etc., are universal, elegant and optically enlarge the building. They also usually blend nicely with the surroundings. These include sand-colored house elevation, white-gray house elevation or cappuccino-colored house elevation. Light-colored house elevation suits almost every shape and size of the building, especially for grand residences and villa designs or manor-style houses.

Black external house cladding is most often used in houses with a simple, modern shape – in order to give it lightness it is worth using large glazing. Grey, dark or graphite elevation of the house looks very elegant and fashionable. Together with modern architecture of the building it looks phenomenal.

Intense colors should be used very carefully – shades that are too motley can disrupt the landscape and also overshadow the architectural qualities of the house. Therefore, be especially careful if you choose vivid blue and green facades of the house. Use these types of colors better for architectural details, and plan the majority of the body of the house as neutral, i.e. gray, white or beige.

How to combine facade colors?

The space surrounding the house is the best color palette to tell you what should be on the facade of the house. Idyllic landscape even requires a complex in earth colors, natural beiges or with elements of wood. Harmony is quite important and the whole should be coherent with the surroundings, but also should not deviate from your preferences. If, however, the choice of facade colors is a challenge for you, learn some simple tricks for combining shades and materials. How to do it?

Light colors should make up the bulk of the entire house. Dark colors will emphasize them and bring out only certain architectural elements.

Try to combine several shades of the same color. Let them differ from each other only in the level of saturation.

If you think that a monochromatic shade will look pale, break it with another material of an intense color. A woodgrain façade combined with white will impress everyone.

Are you dreaming of a splash of color? Pastels are the perfect option in 2021. Such shades will help you optically enlarge a small residence, which will not be just another white house, and a lighter shade will not overshadow other important objects.



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