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Quartz worktops – modern trends

Quartz worktops – trends

kitchen designQuartz is a beautiful stone, which can be transformed into wonderful objects, both utilitarian and artistic. Quartz worktops are special types of quartz application. On the one hand, quartz worktops are exquisitely beautiful – think of their colouring and unique look and then, on the other hand they are interestingly practical, consider their features such as durability. Quartz worktops are therefore both drawing attention of your guests and serve multiplicity of practical purposes.

Yet, it’s not all. Quartz worktops can look great in modern as well as traditional styles of kitchens. In case of modern design, which is mostly characterised by its minimalism, simplicity and usability, quartz worktops can work great only if they are themselves simplistic and practical. Modern worktops should have clean lines and polished edges. Moreover, they should also have simple design and be above all practical.

In case of traditional quartz worktops there’s much more freedom. Shape, size and polish don’t need to meet as strict requirements as in case of modern design. There are many varieties of worktops that can easily fit into traditionally designed kitchen. Finally, let’s keep in mind that the word traditional doesn’t mean only one thing and styles. There’s plenty of traditional styles that vary quite a lot. One thing is certain, such worktops can look great in various traditional styles of kitchen.

Quartz worktops – islands

What’s more, quartz worktops can have many shapes and forms. Kitchen island is a particularly interesting type of worktop. Kitchen island usually stands on its own in the very middle of the kitchen and tends to inevitably draw attention of any visitor. What’s interesting, kitchen islands tend to have more space than traditional kitchen worktops. It results from the fact that kitchen islands very often accommodate not only worksurface but also some extra space for dining or doing homework.

Kitchen islands due to their central location and space are great in bigger kitchens, where there’s no need to worry about every inch of space. Of course, if we don’t have so much space available it’s best to choose different shape and type of kitchen worktop. Quartz can be cut and shaped into variety of forms and quartz suppliers and professionals can do wonders even with the most unusual shape. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid when it comes to choosing and designing your kitchen worktop. Quartz worktops are perfect for furnishing any kind of kitchen and work well with variety of colours.



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