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Snowflake white countertop – what’s there

What’s snowflake white

snowflakeSnowflake white is a beautiful way to describe a particular shade of white. As it’s widely known white isn’t uniform and the same. There are various shades and hues which differ significantly. In order to distinguish between these whites easier people are constantly coming up with relevant and highly imaginative names. Think for example of the following: milky white, pearly white, antique white, seashell white, cream, vanilla and finally snow. These are just exemplary names, in fact there’s many more and each day a new shade with new name appears. What’s interesting, these names can be really misleading since as we know words have plenty shades of meaning and in truth it’s impossible to say that the word snow means the same to everyone. It gets more complicated when we think of difficulties in recognizing, preceding and naming colours.

How can we effectively describe snowflake white so that everyone understands and grasp the meaning? What’s more, how can we do it  so that everyone who hasn’t ever seen snow or snowflakes knows what we actually mean by the phrase snowflake white? With milk or vanilla it’s much easier – there’s a huge chance that everyone knows what vanilla and milk are and has seen them in real life. When someone actually knows the colour of milk it’s definitely much easier to explain and then imagine what milky white is. In case of snowflakes it’s more difficult. When someone knows snow it’s pretty easy – snow white, when someone doesn’t we can only rely on words and their descriptive power.

Why snowflake white countertop

Still, to make this task easier it’s best to find an example of snowflake white. An interesting example of snowflake white is definitely a granite worktop. Although, at first sight it may seem that granite and snow have nothing or little in common, since one is solid, heavy and durable and the other is immaterial, light and perishable there’s at least one quality that connects them, their colour. Both snow and granite can be white, and what’s more granite shades of white are frequently described as snowflake white. Keeping this in mind it’s definitely easier to imagine snowflake white countertop.

Snowflake white countertop is a an impressive thing of beauty. It combines pure lightness and airiness of snow with granite’s air of magnificence and royalty, stable and material although changeable. What’s more, snowflake white countertop can work really great in various kinds of kitchens. Modern kitchens with their smoothness and shine are perfectly completed with snowflake white countertop easily blending in. The same concerns farmhouse kitchens – although at first sight snowflake white granite countertop may look to airy it’s solidity of granite makes it fit in.



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