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Rustic kitchen elements – farmhouse kitchens

What are rustic kitchen elements

Kitchen is a very important space of your home. On the hand, it needs to be fully operational and functional – after all you’re doing all your cooking there, and on the other hand it needs to retain warm and welcoming look that draws attention of your guests. Although, it seems that practicality and aesthetic look are at odds and can be difficult to combine in one space with modern kitchen design it’s pretty easy. What’s more, with modern kitchen design you can do a lot more. For example, you can have elements of various traditional styles successfully incorporated into your modern kitchen.

rustic elements in kitchenThere’s plenty of examples when it comes to such combinations and blending of styles. Just think of industrial style that works perfectly with modern minimalism and simplicity, or think of cottage or farmhouse furniture which can be also nicely incorporated into modern day kitchen. What’s more, you don’t need to stop at the safe place, let’s choose something much more traditional and seemingly old-fashioned and put it in your modern day kitchen. Think for example of rustic kitchen elements. Although, rustic kitchen elements may seem as too much in the context of modern simplicity and functionality they can work perfectly if chosen with taste.

What are rustic kitchen elements specifically? Generally, they refer to preserved and exposed elements of construction made of natural wood. Rustic style is basically about bringing nature to your house. Wooden beams, stone fireplace and other various elements of natural construction are characteristic features of rustic style and rustic interiors. Interestingly, such kitchen elements are pretty simple and raw in their looks and therefore work really great with modern kitchen design and its typical features which are minimalism, simplicity and functionality.

Rustic kitchen elements and cottage furniture

What’s interesting, rustic kitchen elements can look really great with cottage furniture. Cottage furniture which was popular in the late 19th century is becoming popular again. Its characteristic features are natural pale colours like whites, greys or lilacs, natural materials like pinewood, care for details and ornamentation and general air of richness. Interestingly, rustic kitchen elements can correspond pretty well with lavish beauty of cottage chairs or tables. Rustic wooden beams or pillars supporting the whole kitchen construction, or wooden ceiling can make a great background for cottage furniture with its curved lines and ornamentation.



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