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The true colours of your kitchen

coloures of your kitchenKitchen furniture may bring harmony to the interior due to the fact that the shapes resemble regular quadrilaterals.

Wall cabinets are placed parallel to the tabletop. Their smooth fronts, undisturbed by any handles, are made ​​of blue, lacquered MDF. The wall above the worktop was decorated with a blue glass panel. On the other hand, the lower part of the kitchen building was covered with veneer.

An additional decorative element of the kitchen are cabinets with a matted see through surface, transparent door.

At the request of the owners the kitchen was divided with an island, which has been integrated in the gas stove. Above the stove there is a stainless steel fan with a modern shape of a cylinder, thus introducing the element of industrial-style room.

To kitchen seemed more spacious, on the right side are two mirrors (small and large). On the other hand, the window and glass wall on the right side of the room are ideally lightened.

To get the most out of free space, the owners decided that the kitchen should be opened to the living room and will be an integral part of it. It will all create a unified sense of space, and will give you more freedom.



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