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What colors should you use in kitchen design?

There are a lot of ideas when it comes to kitchen design and when you create your own arrangement, you have a lot of styles to choose from – will your kitchen be classically rustic, or maybe modern and smooth? What types of kitchen worktops and what materials will you use? And, last but not least – what colors should you choose to make your kitchen a pleasant, homely area that will match the overall design of your interior?

It all comes to your personal preference of course, but you have to remember about a couple of issues. If you work with smaller space, never use “heavy”, encumbering hues which will make the kitchen even smaller optically. Generally even larger kitchen benefit from brighter, less burdening colors, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot use shades of black! (a lot of black worktops suggestions you can find at bespoke-worktops.co.uk).

Black is a great color for modern kitchen arrangements and it can be very beautiful when used skillfully. And by “skillful” we mean “proper contrast” – it is well known rule, that black goes great with white when you remember about proportions and balance and it can be seen not only in fashion, but in the interior design.

Black and white or different shades of grey are a perfect choice for modern kitchen, but there are also some less obvious, yet effective solutions – like single tone kitchen furniture contrasted with different hue on the walls or the use of pastel, bright colors. With modern kitchen you can get a bit crazy with the tones as long as the whole vibe is coherent with the rest of the interior. It is also possible to use pastels and bright reds, yellows and blues when you are trying to achieve the design of a stereotypical “American kitchen” from the 1950. Yes, you can even choose a bright hue for a kitchen worktop – in other designs it is not possible to utilise more “bold colors” of natural granite, but in this case, it is more than welcome.” It is very effective, but you have to know what you are doing.

When it comes to classically arranged kitchen, there is not so much leeway with colors, as rustic design demands some patterns that won’t look good in pastel hues. Wood in all its shapes and tones is the prevalent material and the natural look is the goal here, so your choices are restricted to some old-fashioned hues, but if you decided to create a rustic kitchen, you’ve probably known that. Light and warm colors are the best choice and hard contrasts are not needed – it is even more advisable to use the so called “tone to tone” color palette (meaning – different shades of the same color) to achieve the homely, warm vibe.

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