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Types of kitchen cabinet fronts

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No functional kitchen can exist without kitchen cabinets, therefore we should think very carefully of their choice. When purchasing such fronts, first of all consider this: what are the fronts and what they are made of, because this determines the durability of the cabinets and the way we should take care of them.

On the market there are kitchen cabinets equipped with fronts made of solid wood, amongst others. They are very durable and most of all very beautiful and highly elegant. They can be always renewed by a fresh layer of varnish or paint. In addition they are produced from wood such as pine, spruce, alder, oak, birch, beech and ash. When deciding on kitchen cabinet with wooden fronts, we must realize that they can be subjects of distortion and drying out when exposed to sunlight. Quite often, the hinges often break because usually they cannot withstand the weight of the material.

Instead, you can choose the kitchen cabinets with fronts made of wood-based panels, or MDF. Currently, they are most often bought due to their high resistance to moisture, they do not break, they are cheap and do not develop any bacteria nor fungi. Their only negative is that most of the fronts have a simple structure with barely any decors, but if we want the kitchen to be decorated simply and classically, then these products are perfect for us. It is worth noting that kitchen cabinets can also have fronts made of glass or metal.



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