HomeoffcutsWhat to do with worktop offcuts? Most popular applications:

What to do with worktop offcuts? Most popular applications:

Do you know an offcut supplier who could sell you cheap stone worktop offcuts? Are you wondering what you could utilise these products for? Well, look no further, we provide a list of best-selling off cut products in this article.

More and more people appreciate the possibilities offered by granite worktop offcuts at home. They can be used to make shelves, coffee tables and even chopping boards. But a lot of people have access to suppliers, yet they have no clue how to utilise the granite countertop offcuts in their home environment.

Before we go into details about kitchen worktop offcuts applications, let’s answer why looking into offcuts from stone is worth it:

Are kitchen worktop offcuts cheap enough to be worth a purchase?

Our opinion is that they are an absolute bargain – there’s no other way we could phrase that. Stone in the form of natural granite or man-made quartz is one of the best, most resistant, stain-proof, scratch-proof products currently on the market. No other solid wood, timber or laminate surface could withstand as much as stone. And in a place of long-term, constant activity e.g. coffee table in the living room or chopping desk in the kitchen, you need something that not only looks good but is practical.Granite offcut in plaza cladding

Now, the worktops themselves can be quite pricey, although in our opinion that price reflects their quality and incomparable longevity. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly applicable when it comes to stone worktops. Regardless, for some, these tops can be simply out of their budget, even if recent prices show they are very affordable.

Stone Offcuts, on the other hand, can be extremely cheap. A windowsill can cost you anything from £40-£100. A chopping board £30-60. A coffee table no more than £100-£150. Bear in mind that you’re purchasing a product that is resistant to staining, scratching, impacts, mechanical damage etc. With their range of benefits, stone off cuts are designed to last you a while, in which case these prices are an absolute steal!

If you’re looking for a company that deals with affordable granite worktop offcuts, get in touch with them here. We were wondering ourselves where to buy worktop offcuts and contacted them accordingly, then requested some estimated costs. Suffice to say they have one of the most attractive prices in the North of England, if not the entire UK. It’s also worth mentioning that their product range is immense: chopping boards, breakfast bars, windowsills, stairs, bathroom worktops, vanity units, bar tops & BBQ worktops. In fact, they confirmed that their workforce is so experienced, they will happily execute any bespoke project for the customer.

granite and quartz offcuts

And that isn’t it. They also have a collection of hundreds of offcuts, in varied thickness ranges, most of which can be observed via the link above. You are free to browse through their active list of products at all times. They’re updated once every few weeks. The contact form below even allows you for quick contact to request a quote for your given project. Usually they reply in under 24hrs and you can even send forward plans or ideas for your offcut project for them to create precise price plans. To grant you any quote, they will usually require the length x width measurements of the project.

The process of cutting & polish takes somewhere between 1-3 working days depending on the nature of the job. And apparently, they sometimes have so much stock, that you can even create whole small-to-medium-sized kitchen surfaces from the offcuts. Moreover, if you need your offcut delivered, they are happy to provide the delivery across the whole UK – of course at a pre-determined price.

Last but not least, indeed, they have a showroom and a warehouse in Manchester, where you can browse all of their supplies. We’d also recommend giving their Social Media channels a follow, as they plan to announce a bunch of worktop offcuts online products at clearance prices. I.e. if you contact them once advertised, you can get even cheaper worktop offcuts for sale.

Chopping boards from kitchen worktop offcuts

Granite worktop offcuts can be utilised to make something as simple as a chopping board. This solution has many advantages. Firstly, the board is very easy to clean. Even dried and burnt pieces of food do not stick to the polished stone and are very easy to wash off even with water alone. These stones are also dish-washer friendly.A chopping board from offcuts complementing the white quartz tops

Second, granite is extremely resistant to scratches. Thanks to this board even the sharpest knives will not impact the surface. Thanks to its properties, it also works well as a hot dish stand. A board made of granite worktop offcuts is a heavy piece of kitchen equipment, so in order not to damage the worktops and table, it is worth to equip it with silicone stickers to ensure stability and prevent the surface from scratching. But if you purchase from the worktop supplier we linked above, yours will come with free, fabric stick-on cushions anyway.

In addition, some stone products e.g.g Silestone quartz has antibacterial properties, but stone is generally more hygienic. Why? When it comes to plastic, corian and wood, as a result of slicing, cuts are made into the surface in which food leftovers accumulate over time. Even metal is prone to scoring. This makes them seemingly clean, but they can be full of bacteria and fungi. Granite is also resistant to high temperatures, so the board can also be used as a stand for hot pots or pans that come out of the over or stove.

Bathroom décor & utility room worktop off cuts

Tiles made of granite worktop offcuts work well as a cover for delicate surfaces.Bathroom cladding from worktop offcuts

One of such can be placed on many bathroom elements e.g. the bath itself, flooring or windowsill. Stone is a material that responds well to moisture – it won’t rot like a pice of wood.

You can use smaller stone off cuts as bases for bottle with liquid soap, because it always drips down and such tile is much easier to wipe clean than the sink itself.

You may also put another one on the window sill and keep your make-up or nail polish on it, so that the sharp ends of the beauty products do not scratch the surface.

Granite tables made from worktop offcuts

In recent years, tables with granite tops have become very popular. Although in most houses we deal with materials imitating granite, the use of natural stone has many benefits.Dining table made from black granite offcut

First of all, such furniture is durable and will be purchased for years. Properly protected, it will become easy to keep clean. And granite is a good choice for a kitchen worktop as well as coffee table – you must remember that, like we mentioned above, stone is great when it comes to withstanding stains – even from heavy liquids like wine, citric acid or coffee.

A quartz coffee table will look great in the living room, since it’s usually available in hundreds of colours and patterns. You can opt for a light glitter effect, mirror chips, small or large grain or even organic-mimicking veins. You can also make a shelf from granite worktop offcuts – the company we suggested are capable of hanging up even heavy objects. Just choose the right size, pick your colour, and place an order! And you can do it all via the contact methods on their website.

Kitchen Worktop cut into speaker stand pieces

Few people know that speaker stands made of granite worktop offcuts influence the way sound from the speakers spreads. This allows you to increase their performance, as the bass coming out of the equipment is deeper, more intense, and has a more distinctive tone. In addition, according to specialists, the speaker stands from worktops offcuts should be heavy, which is what granite or quartz can provide – depending on the density, even tiny pieces can weigh up to 20kg.

These type of ‘coasters’ can be used without fear even under very heavy speaker columns. An additional advantage is that the speakers will be stabilized and thus the risk of unwanted vibrations is reduced.

A granite worktop cut into a pizza stone

This is an extremely popular service that stone manufacturers are frequently asked for.Pizza stone from worktop offcuts

Polished granite makes for the best pizza stone that evenly cooks you pizza from all sides – almost with same effects as in a professional Pizzeria. You can purchase one for as little as £30, but you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes during cooking.

The best thing is, you can utilise these little pizza stone boards for cooking in the oven or a proper pizza chamber built in the garden. These solutions were highly popular during national lockdowns, when people took home cooking very seriously.

Regardless, it’s an absolutely fantastic way to rediscover great dough-based dishes, but not only!

They also make for great presents, and the smaller pizza boards can be utilised as chopping boards too, so technically it’s 2-in-one, depending on the size, of course.



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