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What you should know about wooden worktops

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It could be said that in recent years a kitchen made out of wood is currently undergoing a renaissance, when it comes to a classical décor. The designing possibilities offered by wood are limitless. Also even in the modern designs, wooden elements are often implemented to provide it a unique design.

The wooden countertops provide the interior a prestige and elegance. As mentioned above, they are used in both modern and classical arrangements, making them perfect finishing elements. However, they require special care, concern and the use of an appropriate kind of wood – it has to be durable, stable and resistant. In that case, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right worktop for your kitchen?

Solid and glued wood

Kitchen countertops can be made from both solid wood and glued laminated timber. The second alternative has recently been very often used, due to the fact that the bonding process reduces the stressed natural fibres, thus the wood does not warp or crack. It is therefore certainly more stable than solid wood.

alex oglunDifferent kinds of wood

The strength of kitchen worktops is very important, and depends on the kind of wood they are made from. When ordering wooded countertops, first of all consider this: what material is recommended by the public or specialists. It must be resistant to moisture and temperature changes, cannot shrink and shouldn’t go dry.

The suitable kinds of wood for kitchen countertops are therefore – beech, oak or ash – the hardwood. Certainly not recommended kinds are the very soft or medium soft materials, this includes pine or poplar, the reason why they are not recommended is because they can be easily scratched or damaged.

Modern kitchen arrangements and designs are increasingly using much harder and more resistant exotic wood kinds. The suggested materials for kitchen countertops are – teak, merbau, ipe or iroko. For example, due to its high content of natural oils and silica, teak is extremely durable and suited to a humid environment, making it perfect for a worktop with a sink – as it is constantly exposed to contact with the often splashing water.

A chosen kitchen decor

A vital advantage of the wooden worktops is the ease of manufacturing them. Therefore, if our kitchens have custom dimensions or when a smaller kitchen is designed, requiring the building of corners that are hard to reach, you should choose wooden worktops in order to increase the working surface.

If ordered to size, the wooden worktops can be suited to every design, and can be manufactured to reflect any shape and size as well as combine with many elements.



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