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How to suit a worktop to a kitchen and a sink

If you have the opportunity to design your kitchen from scratch, or refresh some of its components, including the worktop then you should bear in mind that it performs two functions.

First of all, it is a place where meals are prepared, therefore it must comply with a relevant usability as well as a decorative function, seen as it will be one of the main focusing elements of the room. We would like to give you a hint how to choose a worktop that will present itself in a fantastic condition for years. In addition we would like to advise and suggest which materials, colours and even sinks to choose from.

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It should be specified what the main functions of the stone worktop should be, surely it will have to be tough and durable, with a sink to suit it perfectly. If the sink is made out of a heavy material, such as ceramics, you have to know perfectly what the maximum load on the worktop should be.

How to match the specific countertop with sink?

The most suitable sinks for all types of  granite worktops are the overmounted sinks. However the undermounted sinks are also preferable, as long as they are made from a good material that will be moisture resistant, for example – marble, composite, ceramics or stainless steel. If you prefer to choose a countertop made from a laminate or wood it is necessary to protect its edges with silicone. It allows for adequate maintenance and keeping the material dry in vulnerable spaces.

kitchen sinkHow to suit a worktop to a kitchen? What colour of countertop to choose? All that matters is the effect you want to achieve. There are a few simple tricks to perfectly design your kitchen. One is the contrast between areas/furniture, e.g., dark floors with clear and lighter worktops. This will make the worktops certainly stand out, and be more visible in the room, especially if the cabinets are of a contrasting colour as well. It is worth to do this if countertops are made of a good material and you will want to make them stand out amongst everything else in the kitchen, attracting every pair of eyes.

Furthermore, very modern kitchen design can be achieved by blending shades of white. Then it becomes the only dominant colour in the room. The overall arrangement is done by matching together different types of materials and shades of white, the colour can be used only as an ultimate finish. This technique will make the kitchen look significantly bigger, but it is very important not to make it too bland. This can be achieved very easily and with no worries, as it will eliminate many dilemmas interior colouring. It is important not to forget about joining materials, such as wooden countertops with stone floors or ceramic tiles. If tiles are used, it’s best to have large dimensions, this avoids the unappealing effect, which as a result causes a large amount of joints which can get particularly dirty.

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