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How to easily choose the kitchen furniture?

A set of kitchen furniture, appliances and cabinets is chosen individually for every kitchen. Frequently based on a previous design that was made by a specialised kitchen studio or a designer.

kitchen cabinetsKitchen furniture manufacturers often offer their customers a very wide choice, varied visually, stylistically and in terms of colour as well, though that isn’t all.

Likewise, the cabinets are equipped with a number of technical features that make the equipment more practical, allowing us to put them to the best use.

The cabinets made by a specific manufacturer are properly matched in terms of height, and their width, generally ranging from 10 to 90 cm (in modules 5 cm). The depth of the standing cabinets is typically ranging from 50 cm. This allows the worktop to be extended by about 2cm from the front edge of the cabinet, when placed above. Likewise leaving some space behind them in order to fit the worktop properly. Standing tall cabinets have a depth of approx. 60 cm (including the door).

The essential parts of the cabinets are: fronts (doors), legs and plinths. Additional elements include a cornice board with lighting, under cabinet mouldings, worktops and legs with an adjustable height.

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