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Is it worth buying kitchen worktops made out of stone?

Stone worktops are being installed in kitchens even more often. Many people choose to buy them just because they are fashionable and beautiful. However you should consider whether such an investment will eventually pay off? It is difficult to determine this, but it is worth paying attention to some important information relating to such issues.

kitchen worktopsYou cannot ignore the fact that granite worktops present themselves in an exclusive, elegant and smart way. Besides, they are very durable, resistant to heat damage, moisture, and they are non-flammable materials. Unfortunately, in contrast to these advantages, there are also a lot of negative views, which are not always discussed. Well, kitchen worktops made out of stone are very expensive, therefore many simply cannot afford them. Furthermore, it is very difficult to remove the heavy scratches, once they’re made (which happens very rarely) But if it does, this means that after a certain time the worktops will need to be replaced, and it is once again another considerable expense. Besides kitchen worktops made out of marble require regular sanding, they are easy to chip, and mushrooms and mould can often grow on the surface if they are not taken care of. In addition stains and decolouration effects can be visible on the worktop.

It is also worth mentioning that stone worktops are cold when touched and you can barely see the join lines, though they are hard to notice, which is not always aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the installation can only be done by qualified professionals, with special equipment for trimming. You should also be aware that kitchen worktops made out of any kind of stone should be sealed once in a while, and should be regularly cleaned.

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