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Kitchen Worktops – Which material can they be made from?

marble worktopsDuring the decision whether to install a stone worktop in your kitchen, you should really think about the material from which it should be made. The materials include granite, marble and onyx.

The first of these is the most popular, due to the high resistance to abrasion and the formation of scratches as well as decolouration. Besides granite worktops do not absorb moisture, do not absorb any dirt and they are very easy to keep well maintained.

Such types of kitchen worktops are very rich in colour varieties, they have a crevice joining and are resistant to mechanical damage such as heavy impacts. Their structure is slightly porous, so it should always be a subjected to impregnation/sealing. When it comes to marble kitchen worktops, their biggest advantage is the high range of unique patterns and colours, providing any customer with a wide field of possibilities when creating arrangements and designs. This material is formed from a combination of calcite and dolomite in the process of crystallization. Unfortunately, it is less resistant to damage, absorbs moisture, and stains can be easily formed on this material.

On the other hand, onyx occurs most often in white, brown, black, yellow or green colours.

It is decorative and translucent, therefore you can easily highlight its features with a touch of warm light, which creates a unique charm and a pleasant atmosphere for the kitchen. This stone does not have too much strength and durability however, so it is worth considering whether to use it as a worktop. In fact it would certainly perform a better role as a finishing material instead.

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